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PIece by piece

«Careful, that almost sounded like a compliment.«


First Chapter


My eyes are closed. My hips are swaying. My head is tilted back against the broad chest of the man behind me.

His big hands are on my hips, holding me without restricting my movements like he knows I like. I’m dancing, I’m leading, and we’re both getting something out of it. Me, the comfort of being held and the validation of his attraction. Him, well, a lap dance from one hell of a woman.

The loud music and pounding beat warm my blood, intoxicating me like no drink or drug ever could. I can feel it in my veins, that familiar hum that I crave. This is me. The music, the parties, the hands on me. This is where I’m free.

The fingers splayed on my hips give me a little squeeze and Mattheo’s head comes down next to the side of mine. «I’m sorry, Seduttrice, I can never keep up with you. What do you say we take a small break?» he asks, brushing my messy hair over my shoulder so he can speak into my ear. I enjoy the way his words brush against my skin, letting the sensation add to the feelings inside me. Then I turn to him with a smile, take his hand, and nod.

He easily pushes past the crowd of dancing people, towering over them all and finding his way to the base of the stairs without a problem. Meanwhile, little old me has to dodge two elbows in the course of the short trip to avoid a bloody nose. 

The security guy making sure no one gets to the second floor of the apartment without permission barely glances at Mattheo before stepping aside for us. Another perk of keeping company with the host of the party’s best friend. 

As we climb the stairs, I watch the dancing strangers below through the glass railing, smiling since I know I’ll be back among them in no time.

Mattheo and I walk into the private room on the second floor, heading for one of the black leather couches assembled in a sort of circle. Our friends and some people I know in passing are already seated there, nursing their drinks and talking in the blue glow of the LEDs above.

When Lilianne sees us, her flushed face lights up. «Aly!» she exclaims, clumsily freeing herself of her boyfriend’s hold to greet me with a tight hug. As if we hadn’t come here together a few hours ago. 

«You were gone for so long! I missed you!» she tells me, holding my face in place as she speaks. Then she turns to my friend. «You need to stop stealing my friend!»

Mattheo laughs and gives her a gentle pat on the arm. «Sweetheart, she is the one always keeping me away. The woman never tires of dancing. Keep her, I need a break and a drink,» he says. Then he winks at me and walks over to Andrew. I can still hear him ask his friend, «Did you miss me? How come I’m never greeted that nicely?» over the music.

«Come, let’s sit down,» Lily proposes and starts pulling me to the couches without waiting for a reply. I laugh and follow her lead. When we sit down on the couch next to the guys› and I note Andrew’s frown, I elbow Lily gently.

«I think your boyfriend misses you,» I tell her. 

«I sure do,» Andrew pipes up, his dimples showing. Once again, I can’t help but notice how handsome he is. Light brown skin, sharp cheekbones, shortly shorn black hair, and dark, friendly eyes. Not to mention those full lips that never cease to have that teasing tilt to them.

Lily throws her arms over me. «You had me for hours now. Enjoy the break, my bestie needs some love too.» Both of our friends laugh at that.

«And what have I been giving her for the past hours?» Mattheo demands playfully.

«I don’t know. Probably the tingles and damp underwear,» Lily replies before I can fire anything back. My jaw drops and Mattheo laughs even more loudly.

«Christ, Lil!» I mutter, stifling a laugh of my own. Here she is, my shy, introverted, sweet best friend after a drink or two. 

My eyes meet Mattheo’s awaiting ones and I’m tempted to stick out my tongue like a child at his raised brow and knowing smile. Idiot. 

A guy from a nearby couch pops our little bubble. «Eyo! Mat, A, where’s Sebastian? Haven’t seen him all night. Wanted to thank him for putting me on the VIP list,» he says, throwing his head back to get his blond hair out of his eyes.

Andrew shrugs dismissively. «He’s out tonight.»

«Ditching his own party? She must be a dream in bed, then,» the blond announces, grinning crookedly. 

Mattheo is still watching me but now, I avert my eyes. I have no reason to, there is absolutely no sense in me feeling my mood dim or for the small kernel of guilt or jealousy to appear in my gut. Sebastian is out with a girl as always. I’m enjoying a party as always.

I’m aware of Mattheo’s movements as he gets off the couch and heads to the bar. On the way, he stops next to me, puts a hand on my shoulder to get me to look at him, and asks, «You want something too? It’s important to stay hydrated if we’re going go back downstairs in a minute.»

I smile gratefully. This is why I love this guy; he can read me like a book and is smart in the way he cheers me up. My mood dims and he asks me to dance. I’m easy that way.

«I’ll take whatever you get,» I tell him. Usually, I’m sober at parties. And at any other time. But a drink every now and again isn’t off-limits. 

Mattheo comes back with our drinks and Andrew, Lily, he, and I fall back into our banter. Then, finally, I get to my feet and force the Italian to come back downstairs so we can get moving. 

I grind against him amidst the mass of people, not caring for the heat or the sweat slicking the back of my neck. Then I turn around and throw my arms around his neck. As well as that works with our eight-inch height difference. He holds me close, swaying along to the music with me while shooting me his signature grin. 

«You’re hot as fuck when you look up at me like that, Seduttrice,» he tells me.

I smile wider. «Yeah?»

«Oh, yeah. With your face all flushed and lit up like it always does when you dance. Magnificent.»

«You’re flattering me. You don’t look half bad from down here either. If only it weren’t for that thing hanging from your nose,» I tease him.

He throws his head back and laughs. «There’s nothing in my nose.»

«How can you be sure? I can see it perfectly from where I stand.» I make a show of looking at his perfectly clean nostrils.

«You don’t look nearly disgusted enough for that, that’s how I know. No, you’re still giving me those eyes. I’m sure you wouldn’t if there was something in my nose.»

«How am I looking at you, exactly?»

Now his grin widens as if accepting a challenge. He leans down slightly. «Like you want me to kiss you,» he says. We’re barely dancing now. He studies me closely. «Like you want me to be a really good friend tonight and take your mind off things,» he adds.

I let my eyes close and imagine it. I’m certainly not opposed. No, I’ve had one-night stands with much less appealing suspects, and with Mattheo, I don’t doubt he could make me feel good tonight and go back to being the friend I flirt with tomorrow. We’ve been toying the line with our dancing and teasing for months, anyway. Why not indulge tonight?

Soft lips brush against my cheek and the feel of his short stubble has goosebumps awakening on my skin. I open my eyes as he pulls back a little and when our eyes lock, it’s clear we’ve come to a conclusion. 

He cups my cheek with one big palm and brings his lips to mine.


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