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Sommerstall academy

«My beautiful, messy patchwork family celebrating like we’ve just conquered the world»

First Chapter

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to get hit by a car for a while now. Therefore, I really shouldn’t complain now that I’m lying on the hard street flat on my back like a bug and just as unable to get up. Stupid, heavy backpack. What I did not wish for was for this to happen right in front of the school just as all the students file out of the busses and onto the sidewalk a few feet away from me. I also didn’t anticipate the Vehicle hitting me being a bus.

“Are you okay?” the old driver crouches down next to me. All around us, more students gather, some reaching for their phones. No, I’m not okay, I think. I am mortified.

I try to slip out of my backpack just to notice that my shoulder hurts like a female dog. Dammit! I have to write a test later today. If I miss it, Miss Yeng will certainly be angry. That old lady doesn`t like staying after school so a student can write a make-up test. Believe me, I speak of experience. Besides, she is seriously scary. At least it`s Friday and that`s always a highlight.

“Can you hear me?” the bus driver repeats, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yes. Sorry, yes. I`m all right,” I assure him before attempting to get up once more.

“Hang on, let me help you. I`m really sorry I didn`t see you. Do you need a ride to the hospital?” he asks slowly as he pulls me to my feet.

“It`s no problem, really. Have a good day,” I tell him with a smile before walking off and trying to blend in with the rest of the students. That, at least, isn`t a very hard task since all the students of Somerstall Academy are heading to their first period.  

Now, you might be wondering how I managed to get hit by a bus that drove about 5 mph on a street I cross every day. All I can say is that it was not my fault! It was totally his! If he hadn’t caught my eye from where he was sitting inside that bloody vehicle, I would have noticed the bus ahead of his was starting to drive. I‘m just thankful I didn`t drive to school today. If anything would have happened to my Vespa, I would have cried. Though since it`s a beautiful spring day and it`s only a fifteen-minute walk to school, I left her at home.

Once I sat down at my desk, I check the time. School starts in ten minutes, so I can still read. I should have time for at least five pages if no one interrupts me.

I take my book out of my backpack, trying not to wince while moving my left arm. I`m thankful I always carry my current read inside a protective bag so today`s fall hasn`t damaged it. With my record, “rather safe than sorry” is the key to survival.

“Hey, Lorence! I heard you kissed a bus this morning. How`s that for a first kiss?” my classmate Orion yells on his way to his chair on the opposite side of the classroom. I hate that nickname, which naturally is exactly why he keeps using it. Thanks, Mom, for naming me Florence, I guess.

“Probably better than yours,” I fire back. He actually looks impressed, or shocked, who can tell with this guy. “Sorry, that was mean,” I mumble before turning back to my book. I hear Orion talking to his friends Markus and Liam and it takes everything in me not to become agitated. Honestly, some people have no respect for others. It`s eight am and those idiots are already laughing and talking loud enough for the whole room to hear.

“Morning Flo. I heard what happened, you okay?” Benji asks while pulling me in a sideway hug. It`s slightly awkward since I`m sitting and he`s a giant but I appreciate any hug I can get. Even as the smell of weed coming off him this early in the morning isn`t very pleasant.

“Yeah, I`m fine, thanks.” I look past my friend as a glimpse of black hair catches my eye. Elija walks past Benji, sending me a quick smile before sitting down next to Orion. My cheeks heat up like every other time he does that. I don`t know what it is with that guy. I can usually handle people smiling at me. Hell, I smile at everyone I see. With him, it`s just different.

Not sure if it`s his unruly black hair, his style and chains, and rings, his cute brown eyes, or those soft-looking lips- Oh my, never mind.

I raise my gaze back to Benji`s only for him to lift his perfectly thick eyebrows knowingly. I laugh in embarrassment before shoving my friend away. I follow his movement only to get another glimpse at Elija. I notice Jamie`s already in his seat which means their group is now complete.

More students fill the room, smiling at and greeting me as they do so before class begins. I couldn`t even read a single page.

The next forty-five minutes consist of me trying to focus on the teacher`s lecture while fighting the urge to look at a certain guy on the other side of the room.

It`s embarrassing that after a year of being in the same class as Elija I still get excited each time I see him as if it were news. It`s not like we`ve exchanged more than two sentences in all the time we`ve known each other. He just somehow piques my interest.

That`s why Friday is a highlight. It`s the day when most people go out for lunch while I stay in the classroom to do my homework or study. Notice how I said most since Elija and some of his friends are often back in the room with me in a matter of minutes. Even though the two of us don`t speak, I keep catching him staring at me just as much as I get caught myself.

I`d be scared he thinks I`m a creep if it weren`t for that small smile he keeps flashing me. That smile, dammit.


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