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Trigger warnings

Untangle me

violence (guns, knifes, fire), blood, anxiety and mention panic attacks, kidnapping, slut-shaming, emotional abuse

Sommerstall Academy

anxiety and severe panick attacks, eating disorder, domestic abuse (physical and emotional), self-harm, bodyshaming, drug-abuse


self-harm, violence (carried out through weapons or the charachter`s powers), sexual assault, kidnapping, death (loss of loved ones, amongst others), domestic abuse, mention of panick attacks (minor), blood, mention of depression (minor), infertility


violence, blood, verbal abuse, mention of transphobia (minor)

In Shadows We Rise

mention of rape (off page), violence (bows, blades, magical powers), child abuse (physical), death& loss, kidnapping, misogynistic language

Only You

Sexual assault (off-page. Before the time of the story), panic attacks, mention of an accident and surgery

Piece by Piece

Mention of domestic abuse, mention of drug abuse (off page), sexual assault, panic attacks